CenturyLink Regional Headquarters – Denver, CO

CenturyLink Regional Headquarters

“Don is a skilled and knowledgeable Project Management professional with his thumb on the pulse of the Denver market. We brought Don on to consult on a robust portfolio optimization plan that involved many concurrent build and space refresh projects in the Denver metropolitan area.

Don was a valuable resource and brought new energy and perspective to my project management team. His expertise and recent experience in administrative space projects in the Denver market gave us access to a broad pool of vendors that we had not worked with before.

I estimate that Don’s contacts, recent project experience, and involvement reduced our costs by 25% on a $12M program.”

Kevin Beck

Director, Design & Construction
Mountain Region and Hosting
CenturyLink Real Estate


Qwest Headquarters – Denver, CO

Qwest Headquarters

“Don Fitzmartin played an invaluable role in the optimization of our Denver based real estate assets.  His breadth of construction knowledge and project planning, combined with his seasoned approach to project management, allowed him to quickly integrate with our senior team and immediately provide positive contributions to the project.

Specifically, his firm grasp of construction pricing, project scheduling and local market knowledge allowed him to hit the ground running and make impactful contributions to the project. The result of those contributions were manifest in improved project timelines, demonstrable budget reductions – realized via insightful value engineering and exhaustive competitive bidding – and an environmentally friendly optimization project.”


John McGuire

Vice President of Real Estate
Chief Procurement Officer


Trulia Call Center – Centennial, CO

Trulia Call Center

“Don and his company were the perfect combination of “expertise” and “results”.

Our clients require, no, demand positive results and his group satisfies in every way. His expertise, diligence and workmanship make any project finish how you want it:

“on time and under budget”.

Aside from the business acumen, Don is honest, sincere and a great family man. Traits you not only want in a business partner, but in a person.”


Jeff Pappas

Executive Vice President of Transaction Services
Arledge Partners
Trulia Call Center


Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Denver, CO

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

“Don worked for us on a Museum construction project as an owner’s rep and construction consultant.

He was an extremely valuable and trusted member of the team, especially in problem solving. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an experienced construction manager and advisor.”

Dave Noel
Vice President Operations and Technology
Chief Sustainability Officer
Denver Museum of Nature and Science


Pikes Peak Cardiology – Colorado Springs, CO | Total SF = 49,000sf | Project Cost = $5.8M

Pikes Peak Cardiology

I had the great fortune of working with Steve Duren on the East Tower Project at Memorial Hospital. I experienced first hand Steve’s enthusiasm, vigor, and spark for work, and life. Steve was a hand’s on type of guy, who got the job done. He contributed more than just his hard work ethic; he was a great monitor of the status of the health of the group, and of the collaboration between all the parties involved.

Steve is a star player who will make an average member of the team shine brighter. He is the kind of guy that will pick up the slack for a team; he will always take the high road, and be doing what needs to be done for the greater good of the project.  He is the guy that you want on your team, because he will bring the team together to perform at the highest possible capacity.”
Mathew Holdt, Owners’ Representative and Chief of Information Management and Facilities


Memorial Hospital for Children – Colorado Springs, CO | Total SF = 360,000sf | Project Cost = $110M

Memorial Hospital for Children

“Steve Duren was instrumental in Memorial Health System’s East Tower Construction project in Colorado Springs, CO. He was the “go to guy” for the architectural firm for both the owner and the contractor for this major project that added an Emergency Department, Children’s Hospital, Women’s Service and Medical Offices in a very congested/tight construction site. Steve was present on-site, followed up on questions / issues and was extremely dependable. He represented the architectural firm in a very professional manner and did a great job coordinating all of the details with the city departments when we were obtain permits or our Certificate of Occupancy. Steve had a great demeanor and a high level of professionalism in all his interactions with the subcontractors, contractor and owner and would be a wonderful addition to any construction or architectural firm.”
Theresa A. Meyers, RN, BSN, MS, Former Director of Construction, Memorial Hospital



American Skandia Core

American Skandia

“You did an awesome job on our behalf. Your construction knowledge was critical for the design of our data center and the success of our state of the art 120,000 s.f. office build out. Handling a build to suit project was very challenging. Having you on the ground, chairing the weekly project meetings gave the team the assurance we needed to make informed decisions and move in on time.

I would recommend Don Fitzmartin as a top notch project manager for any project.

Cory Thompson, currently Asset Manager, Citigroup



Voyant Technologies

Voyant Technologies –

We ended up leasing 84,000 square feet. We also worked very closely with Don Fitzmartin on the design and construction of the new facility.

Don ensured he was always available for questions and direction. 

Jeanne Sanchez
Facilities Manager
Voyant Technologies


Social Security Administration –

On behalf of the entire Denver Region of the Social Security Administration, I wish to thank you for the outstanding job you did for us as the Project Manager for the General Services Administration during our recent remodeling activities. Your attention to detail and sincere interest in completing the project on schedule was appreciated by all of the members of my team who worked so closely with you. The fact that you came to the project after it was underway placed you in an unfair position but you were able to very quickly transition and serve our best interests. I believe this speaks very highly of your personal work ethic. In addition, you can be proud of your negotiating skills which ultimately resulted in financial savings to our Agency, and thus the American tax payer as well.

Thank you for your excellent work. I wish you continued success.
Richard Gonzalez, Regional Commissioner


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